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About Me

Tim Stephens

Tim Stephens

The modern pantheist not only sees the god in everything, he takes photographs of it.

— D. H. Lawrence

My favorite thing is to go where I've never been.

— Diane Arbus

I am a fine art conceptual photographer and digital artist who enjoys crafting images that reveal the slightly surreal or fantastical stories lurking just beneath the surface of our humanity.

Some of these stories are abstractions that broadly evoke an overarching emotion. Others are carefully constructed and intricately detailed allegories full of questions and clues encouraging you to deconstruct, examine, and reconstruct the story in a way that is uniquely meaningful to you. By imparting your own experiences and perspective, the images reveal the potentially ever-changing past, present, and future depicted in the scene.

My current series, “The Rescue”, allegorically examines the concepts of grace and salvation as antidotes to weakness, anxiety, and hopelessness. The images reveal the "decisive moment" when something disrupts an entrenched pattern of negativity with a new perspective – one of hope – that ultimately fosters renewed strength, personal fortitude, positivity and empowerment.

I am a life-long resident of Frederick County, Maryland.

Download a one-page version of my current CV here.

March 2019.

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